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Want to use all your favorite AI applications, and keep your data safe? Credal is the safest way to leverage AI at your enterprise. Our APIs, chat UI, and Slackbot automatically mask, redact or warn users about sensitive data, based on policies set by IT. Users get the most powerful AI apps like GPT-4-32k (the private and most powerful version of ChatGPT-4), Claude and others, whilst the Enterprise can control usage with confidence that data is secured and Audit Logged

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The security layer for AI at your enterprise

Credal provides the full suite of tools you need to securely adopt AI across your organization:

  • Credal integrates with enterprise data sources like Google Drive, Confluence, and Slack so employees can seamlessly use AI with your existing knowledge assets whilst respecting source system permissions and masking sensitive data
  • Credal comes out of the box with a Secure Chat UI, a Slackbot and point and click data connectors for your key data sources (Google Drive, Slack, Confluence, Notion, e.t.c.), so users get value from the tool on day one. More integrations are released each week
  • Credal's security controls enable enterprise IT teams to define, enforce, and audit access policies in a single place that applies to internally built and externally procured AI tools.
  • Secure APIs enable developers to build custom applications that leverage internal data whilst respecting permissions in the source security controls and automatically generating audit logs and sensitive data masking.
  • Optionally, Credal can be deployed fully on-premise for Large Enterprises, including the large language models themselves, ensuring no data ever leaves your network at all, and leveraging your existing investments in things like Azure OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, or even Open Source Models

Secure for every user, every time.

Audit Logs

Credal gives you granular audit logs on all data shared with AI providers, back to the source system. Understand who is sharing what data, with whom, with full transparency into the MSAs and Terms of Service governing that data.

Automatic Redaction

Credal automatically redacts sensitive keywords, phrases, regexes, or entire categories of data (SSNs, PHI etc.) before the data leaves your organization. Full control for Infosec teams. Frictionless for users.


Credal negotiates and maintains MSAs with all major AI providers, to ensure models cannot train off of your data and to ensure all data is removed from LLM servers. Enterprise customers can skip sending the data to the LLMs entirely by taking advantage of Azure OpenAI, either Credal's or their own.

Permissions Syncing

Credal automatically tracks who has access to each google document, confluence page, slack channel etc, so we can automatically feed relevant context to the LLM to use in its response, whilst still respecting your organization's source system permissions.

→ Loved by developers

Credal provides drop-in replacements for the OpenAI and Anthropic APIs. You can even use the official Python libraries, substituting a Credal API token, and build apps on top of enterprise data while ensuring your data remains secure.

What do our users say?

"With Credal, I get accurate notes for LONG meetings...without worrying about sharing sensitive data points. I've used this [for] progress meetings, retrospectives, and general training / informational meetings with great success."

Will, COO of Latchel

"...coordinating strategy and operations across a team of 55 is a full-time job...Credal offsets our manual work without sacrificing data security."

Aaron, CoS of Arena AI

→ Meet the founders

Ravin and Jack met in 2019 when they co-led Palantir’s engagement with a multibillion-dollar Life Sciences conglomerate. The initial pilot grew to an enterprise deal so critical to the customer's business, that Palantir going bankrupt was mentioned as a risk on their S1 filing.

We're bringing a wealth of expertise in handling the most sensitive data imaginable, into what we see as one of the central problems of our time: building trust in AI.

Ravin Thambapillai

Co-Founder & CEO

Ravin started his career at Google, and since then have been both in the trenches and leading teams at THG at Series A, GoCardless at Series A, and most recently spent 7 years at Palantir, building AI powered systems in gigantic financial institutions, life sciences organizations and public health.

America’s most reliable pandemic data.”

Atlantic Magazine

Jack Fischer

Co-Founder & CTO

Jack started his career at H1 and later joined Palantir where he was a Tech Lead leading teams applying AI in areas from air travel to US defense. Jack served as the engineering Hiring Manager for Palantir's US commercial business.

"With these systems aiding brave Ukrainian troops, the Russians probably cannot win.

Washington Post

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