Credal features plans for every type of company.

Explore and Evaluate

$0 - $500

PII and sensitive data redaction
Audit logging
Chat GPT UI access
Google Docs, Sheets & Drive
Unlimited queries

Small Companies / Teams

$500 / month

Everything in Free
25 users (add’l users $25 / month)
GPT4-32k UI & API access
Anthropic Claude UI & API access
Native Slackbot
Enterprise data connection
RBAC - Admins & Users
$100 free API credits ($0.01 fee per extra request, capped at $500)


Custom Pricing

Everything in Team
Unlimited seats
Custom data sources
Single Tenant / On-Prem deployment options
SAML/SCIM & Okta integration
White-glove support
RBAC - Admins, Developers, Premium Models, Standard Models
Azure OpenAI support
LLM Fine tuning
Bring-your-own LLM
Automatic Acceptable Use Policies

Building blocks towards secure AI apps

Credal gives you everything you need to supercharge your business using generative AI, securely.

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