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PROBLEM: One highly active Credal customer, a $5bn unicorn tech company that handles criminal records data, was faced with an avalanche of demand from end-users and developers to be able to use LLM tools like ChatGPT, Claude, and others. But with the sensitive PII that they handle, they couldn’t risk letting users simply copy and paste data into ChatGPT with little control or visibility about what types of sensitive information would be sent to these LLMs, or what kinds of regulated usecases those users might start relying on AI for.

SOLUTION: Credal gives them a single portal, slackbot, and API that securely brings together all major LLMs and gives them much needed, fine grained visibility and control (PII masking, Audit Logs, Automatic Policy Enforcement). This unlocked employee productivity with LLMs without sending PII or allowing employees to use AI for tasks that could be regulated.

IMPACT: This company was able to onboard 40% of its workforce to become active AI users in 6 weeks, saving each employee on average 2 hours per week.

Masks sensitive information like PII

Sensitive information like names, emails, phone numbers, etc are all replaced with “PERSON 1”, “ORGANIZATION 1” e.t.c.

Audit logs every interaction

Granular, secure audit logs are taken for every interaction, ensuring that enterprise IT gets full visibility into every single interaction that end users have with any LLM, without the duplication of sensitive data

Enforces your Acceptable Use Policies for AI

You can upload your AI Acceptable Use Policies to Credal, and Credal will automatically enforce those, warning or blocking users when they ask questions of LLMs that are inviolation of your acceptable use policy.

Step 1: Employee picks a model and writes their question

Step 2: Credal identifies sensitive information, applies masking, checks the query against policy controls and audit logs the query and LLM response

Step 3: Credal unmasks the LLM’s response, for the user, and warns the user (or blocks the request) if it detects any policy violations

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