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PROBLEM: A 150 person software startup was just starting to scale the number of customers it had. It became harder to share learnings between the sales, product, customer success and financial forecasting teams about what was happening at each customer or prospect, what features had been promised to whom, by when, and what the overall health of each account was. Some of the information was logged to Salesforce, but not all (e.g. meeting transcripts lived in call recording software, the high level synthesis intended for financial teams to help with forecasting lived in a spreadsheet), and Salesforce data was extremely difficult for non Sales employees to actually use. Moreover, getting Salesforce licenses for every employee was prohibitively expensive.

SOLUTION: enabled these teams to integrate data across all these different sources in a way that enabled any employee across the company to ask any question about any customer in a shared slack channel. The Credal agent would draw its answer from the most recent updates on each customer, and account executive teams could easily thumbs up or thumbs down the answer, providing company wide visibility, including to leadership, about the overall status of each account, pulling from Salesforce, Spreadsheets, automated Meeting transcripts, and support tickets.

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