Security Questionnaires

Problem: A Series B, 150 person software company selling to government and large enterprises, had to field many incoming security and IT questionnaires from their prospect’s procurement teams. Answering these was often a last minute crunch requiring InfoSec, Security, and Tech to interrupt planned work. This delayed closing sales, caused thrash and friction between teams. They had previously been using Responsive (fka RFPIO), but sales teams found it too difficult to use effectively.

Solution: The Sales enablement team created a Credal agent: an all-knowing "security bot", named after the company’s CISO, that could be conversed with from Slack. This agent was connected to all infosec documentation, such as company policies, architecture descriptions, Soc 2 compliance documents, and prior security questionnaires responses. Sales team members could easily ask their questions in Slack and the agent would atuomatically respond to relevant questions using  the latest security documentation, with links to the source material. The Security team upvoted and downvoted answers to further train the agent on quality and provide visibility to slack channel members that these answers were approved.

Impact: Much smoother responses to RFPs and infosec questionnaires, saving iteration time and disrupted work, and saving $25k in Responsive contract costs.

Step 1: User connects the relevant documents to Credal

Step 2: Define a prompt template

Step 3: Deploy to a Slack Channel

Step 4: Users can ask questions, and get responses, in Slack, with infosec & IT oversight

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