Meet the team

Ravin Thambapillai

Co-Founder and CEO

Ravin spent 7 years at Palantir building AI powered systems in large financial institutions, life sciences organizations, and public health institutions. Before that, he was in the trenches and leading teams at Google, THG, and GoCardless.

Jack Fischer

Co-Founder and CTO

Jack started his career at H1 and later joined Palantir. As a tech lead, he led teams applying Al in areas from air travel to healthcare to US defense. Jack was the engineering Hiring Manager for Palantir's commercial business.

Thomas Mathew


Tom spent 8 years at Palantir, where he led technical teams and brought on-prem AI solutions to bear on large financial institutions and corporations. Tom previously developed software solutions at Citadel and Bloomberg.

Benjamin Auriemma


Ben joined Credal from Palantir, where he spent 3 years working on critical projects for the US Government.  Most recently, he was the Enterprise Technical Lead for delivering security-focused software solutions to the United States Special Operations Command.

Ria Balli


Ria studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon and has focused her education on software systems and design. During her time in school, she developed a diverse software product design background by working on embedded devices, financial applications, assistive technology, and XR systems.

Aisling Murray

Legal Officer

Aisling spent the past 5 years working on high profile litigation in leading New York law firms. Her clients involved government entities and large corporations.

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