Optimizing Customer Service and Sales Workflows with Credal’s Salesforce Integration

Supercharge your business operations with Credal’s out-of-the-box Salesforce integration. By centralizing your data into a single, searchable platform, and providing intelligent insights, Credal helps streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sales efficiency. Let's explore some compelling use cases, the configuration process, and how to create a custom Credal Copilot using the Salesforce integration.

1. Credal Use Cases with Salesforce Integration

Credal's seamless integration with Salesforce opens up a plethora of opportunities across various business functions, including customer service, sales and marketing, and finance. Here’s a quick look at some applications:

  • Call Coach: Analyze call transcripts to detect missed opportunities and refine discovery and objection handling techniques
  • Customer Check-In Copilot: Get briefings on customer account activity for personalized meetings
  • Helpdesk Copilot: Summarize CS interactions, provide answers to internal questions, and guide creation of standard operating procedures by integrating Salesforce data and customer transcripts
  • CSAT Survey Analysis: Automate survey analysis to uncover trends and evaluate support performance
  • Product Feedback Synthesis: Consolidate product feedback from Salesforce to guide product development
  • Customer Onboarding: Simplify onboarding by automating data collection and task management

2. How to Configure Salesforce Integration

Configuring Salesforce integration with Credal involves a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get started:

1. Sign in with Salesforce

  1. You must be a platform administrator in Credal to connect new data sources
  2. Navigate to “Data sources” in Credal and select “Salesforce”
  3. Click on “Sign in with Salesforce” — this is a one-time authentication text
    1. Note that Credal will only be able to sync data that you have access to, so it’s best to do this as a Salesforce administrator
    2. Once the data is synced, Credal will automatically mirror the permissions from Salesforce, so users in Credal won’t be able to access Accounts or other data that they aren’t permitted to see
  4. A pop-up will prompt you to authenticate and allow Credal access to Salesforce

2. Set Up Salesforce Connection: Select Fields

  1. By default Credal will pull in all Task objects from Salesforce (which includes tasks, meeting notes, emails, and other types)
  2. In “Select fields”, use the point-and-click interface to select the data you care about and customize which properties and relationship objects to ingest for each task
  3. We recommend selecting any fields that may be relevant to Smart Filtering. Smart filtering is a feature that takes a user question and converts it to a set of filters applied to the data automatically.  

3. Set Up Salesforce Connection: Configure Metadata

  1. In “Configure metadata”, specify which field on a Task should be used as the name of the task (we recommend Subject), and which fields contain free text that the LLM should read (we recommend Description, plus any relevant custom fields)

4. Set Up Salesforce Connection: Select Collection

  1. In “Select collection”, create a document collection to gather all Salesforce data (e.g., “Salesforce task collection”)

5. Review Document Collections

  1. Configuration is now complete, and under “Document collections” in the left hand Credal panel, you’ll see the document collection that you just configured 
  2. Under “Data”, you can review the ingested data from Salesforce and the “Metadata schema configuration” based on your selected fields

3. Creating a Copilot with Salesforce Integration

After configuring the Salesforce integration, you can create a Credal Copilot tailored to your needs. Here’s how:

1. Create a New Copilot

  1. Give your Copilot a name and description
  2. Head to “Copilot Configuration” tab

2. Configure Copilot

  1. Make sure the following are selected: some text
    1. Under “Data”, select “Search documents for relevant context” and search for your Salesforce collection
    2. Under “Tools”, select  “Enable Smart Filtering”

3. Preview your Copilot

  1. You can now preview the Copilot functionality. For example, ask, "What tasks do we have for the Netskope account?" and the system will automatically filter down to only the Salesforce Task objects related to the Netskope account

Get started with building your Credal Copilot

Interested in learning more about how Credal Copilots can help with your specific business needs? Drop us a line at sales@credal.ai to get started!

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