Introducing Quick Searches – Ask Credal from Mac Spotlight

We’re excited to launch Quick Searches– a new feature that allows you to integrate with existing app launchers to create a shortcut to Credal queries.

Why we built Quick Searches

A customer reached out to us 9 days ago asking if it was possible to create a Credal search more quickly through apps like Alfred or Raycast (in Spotlight Search for Mac users). We liked this idea, and thought this feature would help many of our users seamlessly integrate Credal into their workflows without heading to the Credal web UI each time. 

How to set up Raycast

  1. In Raycast Settings, navigate to Extensions and click + to Create Quicklink

  1. a) Create a custom Name that is identifiable as a Credal quicklink

            b) In Link, input:{Query}

            c) Click Save Quicklink

  1. In Raycast, type Credal followed by any prompt to create a query in Credal!

Ready to speed up your secure search?

Quick Searches is live today for every Credal user, and we’d love to know what you think! Reach out to to schedule a customer feedback session. We pride ourselves on last-mile feature customization and constant upgrades for our customers, and your request may be next to be featured on our product highlight 🙂.

Not using Credal yet? Drop us a line at to get started!

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